The traditional 11.11 SALE will start soon on AliExpress. Sellers are luring customers with bright banners " DISCOUNTS!!! DISCOUNTS!!! DISCOUNTS!!!

But reality shows that many of these discounts are fake. You are either offered an item at the same price as it's cost or even made to overpay in view of universal excitement. How does this happen? And, above all, how to realize which discount is fake and which is real? Let’s look at an example of the sale on 11.11.2019.

The screenshot shows a smartwatch which used to cost from US $119,19 according to the seller. Now they are 90% off, and the watch can be purchased for US $11,90. And on the day of the sale, the price will fall to US $9,59!

But if we install the free AliHelper extension on our browser and open the "Price change" tab in it, we will see that this watch already cost US $9,59. Just a couple of days ago, the price was raised specifically for the sale. And the sky-high US $119,19 are nothing but an invention of a crafty seller.

But it's only half the problem.

And this bracelet is selling with a 30% discount for US $8,75. It will cost US $8,62 at the sale.

Let see the "Price changes" section in AliHelper.

It turns out that the price of US $8,75 was set on the first day of the preparation for the sale. Previously the watch cost US $8,15 or US $7,92. So it means that if someone buys this watch on 11.11, they will also OVERPAY to US $0,70 of its real price!

What is to be done if you still want to buy something from a seller who recently raised the price? Or have you found a product that you would really like to buy, but at a lower price?

AliHelper gives an answer too!

You can click on the "Monitor the price" button and receive notifications each time the prices of your selected products will decrease.

All the Aliexpress sales are a complete fraud, isn't it?

Of course not. If you search, you'll find advantageous offers.

For example, these headphones really cost about US $79, nobody has overrated their price. On sale, you can buy them with a discount for US $72,68.

AliHelper helps you to check the change in the price of each product that you want to buy because of a seemingly large discount. Only then you can find real discounts on AliExpress!

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