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  • Laptop stand – Buying guide

    Laptop stand – Buying guide

    Nowadays, with most people working on laptops, it is becoming more and more important to have the right stand. A laptop stand can help improve working comfort, reduce strain on your neck and back. As well as increase productivity. In this guide, we’ll cover what to look for when choosing a laptop stand. A large selection of stands for your laptop presented on Aliexpress. And to find reliable sellers and good deals there will help AliHelper. This is a free extension for your browser. Materials Many coasters are made of plastic. This makes them lightweight and portable. However, such stands may be less durable than those made of higher quality materials. Such as aluminum or steel. When choosing a laptop stand, you should pay attention to its durability and stability. Height A good laptop stand should have the ability to adjust the height. To adjust it to your needs. The choice of height depends on how you use your laptop. For example, if you often work at a desk, you may need a tall stand. To reduce strain on your neck and back. If you often work in a chair or on a sofa, a low height stand may be more comfortable…

  • Laptop Case, Bags and Sleevs: Buying Guide

    Laptop Case, Bags and Sleevs: Buying Guide

    Laptop case not only provides protection from damage and scratches. But also improves mobility and usability of the device in everyday life. It can also keep your laptop clean and tidy by protecting it from dust and dirt. Large selection of cases you will find on AliExpress. And AliHelper will show you the best dealers and the biggest discounts. This is a free extension for your browser. Here are some points to help you choose the right case for your laptop: Size The case should fit the size of your laptop. Check the specifications of your device and choose a case that fits its size. Material Cases can be made of different materials such as nylon, leather, polyester, etc. Choose the material depending on how often you plan to use the case and what kind of protection you need. Protection If you plan to take your laptop with you on trips or to work, choose a case that provides reliable protection against bumps and scratches. Additional Features Some cases include additional features. Such as additional pockets for storing accessories or carrying straps. Decide what features you want and choose a case that provides them. Design Choose a case that fits your style and preference…