Cardioid microphone – how it differs from a normal microphone

A cardioid microphone is a type of directional microphone that is used to record high-quality sound. They differ from conventional microphones in that they have a cardioid directional pattern. This means that they focus on the sound whose source is in front of them. And they suppress sounds coming from the sides and from behind.

Another advantage of cardioid microphones is that they can prevent feedback. Which can occur when the microphone is too close to an amplifier or speaker. This makes them ideal for use in live performances. Where there are many monitors and loudspeakers present.

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Кардиоидный микрофон

Where to use

Cardioid microphones are widely used in studio recording, concerts, and the film industry. As they allow you to get a clearer, crisper sound without interference. They are ideal for recording vocals and instruments. Because they reduce the intrusion of unwanted sound sources.


There are several types of cardioid microphones: cardioid, hypercardioid and supercardioid. A cardioid microphone has a heart-shaped directional pattern. The hypercardioid microphone has a narrower directional pattern. And the supercardioid microphone has an even narrower pattern.


Cardioid microphones also have different frequency characteristics that determine how frequencies of sound are transmitted. And which sounds are amplified or suppressed. Some cardioid microphones have frequency characteristics that are appropriate for recording voice. Others are for instruments, and some can be used for a wide range of sounds.


It’s important to note that cardioid microphones, like any other microphone, have limitations and are not always suitable for all situations. For example, if you need to record sound in a large hall, a cardioid microphone may not be effective enough. Because it won’t be able to focus on distant sound sources.

In general, cardioid microphones provide better sound quality and are more effective in noisy environments. Which makes them ideal for use in recording studios, concerts, and other professional applications. However, they can be more expensive than conventional microphones. So if you’re just starting your way into recording or need a microphone for everyday use, you may be better off starting with more affordable options.

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