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  • Hot items on Aliexpress

    Hot items on Aliexpress

    Hot items on Aliexpress are a great opportunity for shoppers to buy quality goods at an attractive price. This category of goods on the platform represents goods that are on active sale. And are available at significant discounts. Fake discounts Keep in mind, however, that sellers often provide phony discounts by artificially inflating the price of an item. They can put any “before discount” price on the item card. Stores are especially guilty of this during sale periods. As a result, you can even overpay for a product, buying it supposedly at a discount. To avoid this, you can view the history of price changes. The free extension AliHelper has such a function, among other things. To find hot items on Aliexpress, buyers can use a special section on the site. It is worth noting that hot items on Aliexpress are not only products from China. The platform presents products from sellers from all over the world. Which allows you to choose the most suitable product in terms of quality and price. Time limit You should also keep in mind that there may be a limited amount of time or quantity of goods on burning goods on Aliexpress. Therefore, if you have found the product you want that meets all your requirements…

  • Plugin for AliExpress – which one to choose?

    Plugin for AliExpress – which one to choose?

    Browser plugin for Aliexpress is an indispensable tool for buyers. It can greatly simplify the process of finding and buying goods. And also help save money. One such plugin for AliExpress is AliHelper. It is a free extension. It is one of the most popular and convenient plugins for shopping on AliExpress. And it also provides a number of useful features to help you get the best deals on AliExpress. Search for similar products One of the key features of AliHelper is the search for similar products. If you’ve found an item on AliExpress, but the price seems too high, Alihelper will help you find a similar item at a lower price. It can save you a lot of money. Checking Sellers AliHelper offers a handy feature to check the reliability of sellers on AliExpress. Based on 5 criteria. It lets you know how well the seller’s reviews and rating are true. It also provides information about his reputation on the platform. This can help you make a more informed choice when purchasing items and avoid potential problems with your order. Changing the price of an item Another useful feature of AliHelper is keeping track of price changes on your selected items…

  • Price history AliExpress. 8 products that are definitely worth spending money on

    Price history AliExpress. 8 products that are definitely worth spending money on

    Aliexpress is that popular because it has everything. From a table to a solar powered fan cap. You can find whatever you want on this website. But do you know that among this wide range of products there’re customers’ favourite ones that they buy more often? We’ll discuss them in this article. Besides, we will not only describe the products, but also tell you a secret how to see the price history AliExpress that will help you to save on your purchases while shopping. So, the list of the most best-selling products on Aliexpress includes the following ones: Xiaomi Mi Portable Photo Printer It’s a compact device that will fit even in a jeans pocket. It uses a thermal printing technology that allows you to print small photos at any moment. Their size is about 50×76 mm. You can connect your device to the printer via Bluetooth and get any photo within 45 seconds.√∫ LED Flashlight Gloves They’re especially popular among drivers, fishermen and hunters. They look like normal fingerless gloves, but actually there’s one built-in LED light on each of them. Humidifier It’s not just a home accessory because this device is also good for your health. To meet your every need there’re more than 1…