Price history AliExpress. 8 products that are definitely worth spending money on

Aliexpress is that popular because it has everything. From a table to a solar powered fan cap. You can find whatever you want on this website. But do you know that among this wide range of products there’re customers’ favourite ones that they buy more often? We’ll discuss them in this article. Besides, we will not only describe the products, but also tell you a secret how to track AliExpress prices that will help you to save on your purchases while shopping.

So, the list of the most best-selling products on Aliexpress includes the following ones:

Xiaomi Mi Portable Photo Printer

It’s a compact device that will fit even in a jeans pocket. It uses a thermal printing technology that allows you to print small photos at any moment. Their size is about 50×76 mm. You can connect your device to the printer via Bluetooth and get any photo within 45 seconds.

LED Flashlight Gloves

They’re especially popular among drivers, fishermen and hunters. They look like normal fingerless gloves, but actually there’s one built-in LED light on each of them.


It’s not just a home accessory because this device is also good for your health. To meet your every need there’re more than 1, 000 kinds of humidifiers on Aliexpress. They have different options such as colors, designs, a backlit, a USB charging port, an oil diffuser, remote control, etc.

Food Vacuum Sealers

This device is on top of the best-selling products. People usually use it instead of bags to pack their food. Thanks to the vacuum sealer, food can stay fresh for longer than we’re used to if to compare it with the situation when we use standard bags.

Touch Sensitive Light Switch

It’s installed on the wall instead of the regular light switch. The advantage of this touch sensitive light switch is that it’s practical. It’s made of glass, it’s resistant to scratches, fire, moisture and it’s easy to clean it.

Electric Pencil Sharpener

In appearance, it’s not much different from the regular pencil sharpener, but in reality it does all the work for you. Just press the button. The electric pencil sharpener has 2 holes with different diameters. It can be used as for the professional drawing pencils as for the standard ones. This device runs on batteries.

Wall Mounted Phone Holder

Usually people use such holders when the socket is far away from any surfaces. In this case there’s simply no place where you can put your phone. In this situation such holders are your savers because it’s possible to stick them near the socket right on the wall.

Wireless Charger

It’s a convenient gadget that allows you to charge your phone without plugging it in. You can just charge your device and attach it to the back of your smartphone. Then the process will begin.

People from all over the world buy these products and you can be one of them. Go to the Aliexpress website and start shopping now! To make this process safer and faster, use the AliHelper extension.

The AliHelper extension is a tool that is installed directly into your browser and helps you while shopping online on Aliexpress. You can use the functions of this extension:

By downloading AliHelper, you can get any of the products. That we’ve told you about before at cheaper prices. Besides, you’ll be able to protect yourself from many scammers and dishonest sellers while shopping on Aliexpress.

Maria Kolman
Digital marketer and author with 10 years of experience. A regular AliExpress shopper since 2015, I have made over 350 orders and won 23 disputes with sellers. I study the nuances of buying and selling on the Chinese marketplace, share the information and latest news I gather. I help AliExpress shoppers find great deals and win disputes. I answer questions in the comments.

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