How to delete Aliexpress account in 2024

Deleting an account on Aliexpress is a process whereby a user permanently removes their profile and all associated data from the platform. If you have accidentally or intentionally deleted your account, it will be much easier to sign up again. Recovering a deleted account through support can take months. And it is unlikely to end with a positive outcome. In this article you will find detailed instructions on how to delete an Aliexpress account in 2024, as well as learn what consequences this will lead to and whether there are alternatives.

How to delete an Aliexpress account on the website

1. Go to This is the current version of the platform for buyers from all countries except CIS and Georgia;

2. In your personal cabinet, open the “Settings” section;

3. Click on “Edit profile” in the “Personal Information” subsection;

How to delete Aliexpress account

4. Next, click on the “Deactivate Account” link;

How to delete Aliexpress account

5. Click on the “Delete Your Account” button;

How to delete Aliexpress account

6. Type “agree” into the form and click on the Delete button;

7. In the pop-up window, click on “Get Code” and navigate to your email inbox associated with your AliExpress account. Look for an email titled “Your AliExpress Verification Code” and copy the provided code. Return to the verification pop-up and paste the code into the designated field, then click on “Verify.” Finally, click “Delete Account” to permanently remove your AliExpress account.

How to delete an account in the mobile app

Deleting a personal profile in the phone app is completely similar to the process of deleting a profile on the AliExpress website.

How to delete a blocked personal profile

It is impossible to delete a blocked Aliexpress account. According to the current rules of the platform, such measures are designed to prevent the use of the marketplace by buyers who have previously violated the user agreement.

Reasons for deleting a personal profile

Deleting an account on Aliexpress may be useful in the following cases:

Concerns about the preservation of personal data

If a user is worried about the privacy of their data or fears that their data may be misused, they may decide to delete the account.

Entering a profile by mistake or for purposes unrelated to shopping

If a user has registered on Aliexpress by mistake or for purposes other than ordering, they are more likely to decide to delete their profile.

Receiving a lot of spam and alerts

Usually people are not happy when they receive a large number of irrelevant emails and alerts. This can lead to impulsive deactivation of the personal account.

Stop using the platform

A buyer who no longer plans to use Aliexpress for shopping can delete the account to avoid receiving promotional emails and notifications.

Lack of desired products

Also the user can say goodbye to the Chinese platform, if the things needed for him disappear on the disappearance. Or their price and quality will no longer satisfy him.

Loss of access to mail

If the buyer loses access to the mail, on which the account was registered, the logical step would be to delete it to avoid data leakage.

Problems with the account

In case of serious account problems, such as hacking or unauthorized access, the user may prefer to delete the account to protect their personal data.

Negative experience

If the buyer encountered rudeness of the seller or fraud, remained dissatisfied with the order or communication with the administration of the platform, there may be a desire to stop placing orders on Aliexpress.

Consequences of account deletion

Since the restoration of a deleted personal profile on AliExpress rarely leads to a positive result and at best will drag on for several months, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the consequences of account deactivation:

1. You will lose your order history. If you suddenly want to open a dispute, leave feedback on the purchase, see exactly what, from whom and how much you ordered, you will not be able to do it;

2. All accumulated bonuses will be reset. Aliexpress has a loyalty system that allows users to accumulate points and purchase goods more favorably. When the account is deactivated, the points are burned off and the achieved level is reset to zero;

3. You will lose gift coupons. With frequent or large orders, as well as on some sales, sellers give individual coupons and promo codes. They are also tied to the account and disappear when deleted;

4. Correspondence with sellers and platform administration will be cleared.

Alternatives to deactivating an Aliexpress account

Deleting the mobile application

If for some reason you do not want to use the AliExpress platform exactly from your phone, you can easily delete the application. To do this, just find it on the screen of your smartphone, press and hold the application icon until the menu appears. Then select the “Uninstall” option. After that, the app will be completely removed from your device. And you will no longer receive notifications and messages from AliExpress on your phone;

Disable notifications and emails

If you are tired of numerous unnecessary notifications and emails from AliExpress, you can easily disable them in your personal cabinet on the website or in the app. To do this, go to the notification settings and uncheck the notification types you don’t need. You can also unsubscribe from newsletters directly in your inbox using the unsubscribe links that are usually found at the bottom of each email. This will ensure that you only receive the information that really matters;

Signing out of your Aliexpress account

If you, let’s say, need to hide your presence on the platform, you can log out of your account in your personal account settings. After that, your account will be deactivated on your device. And you will need to enter your login and password the next time you log in. In addition, it is recommended to clear your browser history and delete saved passwords. To completely hide the traces of your stay on the platform;

Deleting card data

If you are worried about the privacy of your payment information, do not save your card details when making a payment. And if you have already saved it, you can easily delete it. This will keep your financial information safe and prevent its possible misuse. Read: How to remove card from Aliexpress.

Contacting other stores on the platform

Aliexpress is a marketplace, i.e. a platform where thousands of individual organizations provide goods. If you encounter rudeness or fraud from a particular seller, try contacting another. There are a lot more decent stores on the platform. And finding a reliable seller on Aliexpress will help AliHelper. It will show a detailed rating of each store according to five criteria.

Additional security measures

In addition to the above measures, you may want to consider other ways to protect your information on AliExpress. For example, change your passwords periodically and use two-factor authentication to increase security. Also, keep an eye out for suspicious activity on your account and respond promptly to any notifications of suspicious activity.


The process of deleting a personal profile on AliExpress is quite simple, but it leads to irreversible consequences. Before deciding to deactivate your account, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons. You may be able to find an alternative solution to avoid account deletion. For example, you can simply turn off notifications or temporarily suspend your use of the platform.

If you do decide to delete your account, be sure to keep the links to your favorite products and stores. So that you can easily find them again if needed. This is especially important if you have favorite products or stores that you return to often.

Now you know how to delete your Aliexpress account permanently both on your computer and through the mobile app in 2024. The process involves a few simple steps that will help you permanently deactivate your profile. Don’t forget that once your account is deleted, all your data, purchase history and saved items will be lost forever and it will be impossible to recover them.

Maria Kolman
Digital marketer and author with 10 years of experience. A regular AliExpress shopper since 2015, I have made over 350 orders and won 23 disputes with sellers. I study the nuances of buying and selling on the Chinese marketplace, share the information and latest news I gather. I help AliExpress shoppers find great deals and win disputes. I answer questions in the comments.
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