Three layers fishing nets – what are they for

Three layers fishing nets are one of the most common types of fishing gear. They are widely used in commercial and sport fishing. They consist of several vertical poles on which horizontal slings are stretched. And the nets are attached to them to catch fish.

Such nets are usually used to catch a large number of fish in a short period of time. And can be installed in both sea and fresh water. They allow you to catch fish of different species and sizes. Including large predatory fish such as catfish or pike.

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Трехстенные рыболовные сети


Three layers fishing nets can come in different sizes and configurations. Depending on the type of fishing, terrain, and body of water conditions. For example, some nets are narrow in shape and set in deep water. And others, which are wider and more shallow, can be set in shallow water.

Nuances of use

It should be noted that the use of three-walled fishing nets can have a negative impact on local fish fauna and the ecosystem as a whole. Therefore, in some regions, their use is regulated by law.

Three layers fishing nets can be used not only for commercial and sport fishing. But also for scientific and research purposes. For example, such nets can be used for studying population and diversity of fish in the certain water body. And to assess the impact of various factors on fish fauna.

To choose a suitable three-wall fishing net, it is necessary to consider several factors. Such as the type of body of water, the types of fish you plan to catch, and your fishing skills and experience.


It is important to choose the right size net that matches the depth and width of the body of water. And also takes into account the technical capabilities and limitations of your fishing skills. In addition, you should choose a net with high quality materials and an appropriate level of strength and durability.

In conclusion, three layers fishing nets are an important tool for fishing and exploring fish fauna. But their use should take into account the local natural environment and be regulated by the appropriate legal regulations. There are many factors to consider when choosing a three-wall fishing net. To choose the right tackle and get the best fishing results.

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