Clothing sizes on Aliexpress

In this review we will tell you how to choose the right clothing sizes on Aliexpress, we will give tables of matching clothing sizes for women, men and children to help you make the right choice and not to make a mistake.

Ordering clothes in online stores, especially for the first time, is always associated with a certain risk. First, you can remember the pictures from the series of expectation / reality, when the thing comes in a different style or from a different material and looks comical or cheap. Secondly, the quality of sewing can suffer: wrong cut, poor quality paint, crooked stitching, uneven seams, protruding threads, etc. However, it is most frustrating when the thing came perfectly sewn, one-in-one as in the photo, but the wrong size. You should be especially careful when choosing clothes on Aliexpress.

Asian sizes are different from American and European sizes. If there are no marks “One size” or “Free size”, indicating that this thing is presented in one size, you need to check with the table of conformity. Usually it can be found in the product card. Below we will tell you more about how to choose Chinese clothes according to your measurements.

However, American and European sizes are rarely found on AliExpress. To buy the perfect thing, you need to find out the size of the clothes according to the American or European grid. Or take the measurements correctly (we will talk about this in the last paragraph of the article).

Women’s clothing sizes on AliExpress

Choosing women’s clothing on Aliexpress can be a real headache for female shoppers. The variety of brands, hundreds of stores and discrepancies between Chinese and your sizes complicate the selection and shopping process. The lack of uniform standards and, at times, unclear information in product descriptions require more time and attention to accurately select women’s clothing.

To make your shopping experience more successful and comfortable, always pay attention to comparison tables before making a purchase. At the selection stage, the matching table will become an indispensable tool to help you accurately determine the optimal size of clothes on Aliexpress.

Women's clothing sizes on AliExpress

Women’s clothing size chart


Once you know your measurements or determine what your clothing size is from the comparison charts provided on Aliexpress, you can start shopping.

Do not be guided by the size range with letters (S, M, L, XL, etc.). Unless otherwise stated in the product card, these are Chinese sizes. As sellers themselves often write, they are “1-2 sizes different from European and American sizes”.

Also remember that Chinese women prefer supermini skirts and shortened sleeves. So be sure to specify the parameters of the thing in the “Description” section.

The parameters of outerwear for women are usually easier to pick up on Aliexpress, especially if it is an oversize. Because most often women’s outerwear has smaller sizes than dresses, sweaters or skirts.

Men’s clothing sizes on Aliexpress

For many men, shopping for clothes is just a pragmatic act where comfort and functionality play a more important role than style, trends or expression of individuality. Men can quickly choose a familiar style, preferring to minimize the time spent shopping.

But even for less demanding men, choosing the right clothes is extremely important. This is, first of all, a matter of comfort when wearing your favorite things. And, in addition, properly selected things for men reduces the likelihood of unsatisfactory purchase and subsequent return of goods.

For more information about the sizes of men’s clothing on Aliexpress and make it easier to choose a new closet item, use the matching tables.

Men’s clothing size chart


The line of men’s sizes on Aliexpress is different from women’s – there is a different ratio of numbers to the letter ruler (S, M, L, etc.). Especially carefully you need to choose pants.

When buying clothes for men on Aliexpress, it should be remembered that most stores very rarely sell large clothes. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully study the tables of conformity and pay attention to the reviews of buyers, who can share information about how exactly the clothes correspond to the stated parameters.

Also, take into account that the style of men’s clothing can affect the choice of size – for tight-fitting models it is recommended to choose clothes exactly according to the table, and for loose styles can fit with a reserve.

Children’s clothing sizes on Aliexpress

When choosing clothes for a child, it is important that they are comfortable and not too tight. The clothes should not prevent the child from moving and playing. Given the rapid growth of children, many parents prefer to choose clothes with a small reserve in length, so that the thing will continue to fit and after some time.

Many children’s brands and stores on Aliexpress provide tables that match the child’s measurements with the appropriate clothing parameters. Parents can compare the measurements with these charts to choose the best size of clothes for children.

Children's clothing sizes on AliExpress

Children’s clothing size chart

SizeHeightLengthChest VolumeSleevePants lengthWaistChinese size

Please note the Chinese sizing chart for children’s clothing. Children’s sizing grid is very different from adults. You can pick up the parameters of clothes on Aliexpress in the following ways:

  1. By age. When after the number is M – it means “month” (6M, 12M, 18M, etc.), and the number before the letter T indicates the age of the child (3T, 5T, etc.). This system works up to and including 7 years of age. Then comes the classic S, M, etc. line.
  2. By height;
  3. By measurements.

Shoe sizes on Aliexpress

Selecting the right shoes is important for the comfort and health of your feet. Purchasing shoes on Aliexpress has become one of the most popular ways to update your shoe closet. However, the complexity of sizing greatly increases the risk of buying the wrong shoes.

Here are a few simple steps to help you maximize the accuracy of your shoe sizing before you buy:

The most important step is to measure the length of your foot in centimeters. To do this, you will need a piece of paper, a felt-tip pen and two marks: at the heel and at the big toe. Measure the distance between these marks.

Almost every seller on AliExpress provides a sizing chart for their shoes. Compare your foot measurements with this chart. Remember that different brands may have differences in sizing.

Shoe size chart

Shoe size on AliexpressFoot length (cm)European shoe size
7,024,539 2/3
7,525,040 1/3
8,526,041 2/3
9,026,542 1/3
10,027,543 2/3
10,528,044 1/3
12,029,546 1/3
13,030,547 2/3

Choosing the right shoes on Aliexpress is an important step toward comfort and shopping with confidence. Sellers more often use American standards, but measuring the length of the foot in centimeters is a key action to determine the correct shoe size. To do this, two marks are made on a blank piece of paper, measuring the distance between the heel and the big toe. With non-standard parameters of the foot, choose things with a reserve. Winter shoes with fur are better to take a size larger.

Shoe sizes on AliExpress

Lingerie Sizes on Aliexpress

The selection of underwear on AliExpress should be approached as carefully as when choosing clothes. The selection process requires careful attention and accurate measurements to ensure a perfect fit and maximum comfort during wear. General principle in determining the appropriate size of AliExpress underwear:

First of all, measure the circumference of your hips and waist. This will help you decide on the size of underpants and waistbands for them. Determine also your bra size by measuring the circumference of your breasts under your breasts and the largest volume.

Every seller on Aliexpress provides a size chart for their underwear. Compare your measurements to this chart to determine the right size for you.

Different types of underwear can have their own peculiarities in sizing. For example, for bras, consider the shape of the cups and the type of clasp.

Some lingerie materials are more stretchy than others. Keep this in mind when choosing a size. If the lingerie has a high percentage of elastane, you may want to consider a size slightly smaller.

Customer reviews can provide valuable information about how well the lingerie fits and how it fits.

When selecting lingerie, don’t forget to consider the style and model. For example, different types of bras may require different support and cup shapes.

When choosing the size and style of lingerie, take into account your individual features such as tall height, short waist, etc.

Different sizes from different sellers

It is important to remember that clothing sizes on Aliexpress can vary significantly from seller to seller. Marketplace does not have a unified system of sizes, so it is worth paying attention to this aspect before making a purchase.

Tips for choosing the right size

Take your measurements

To accurately determine the size of clothes, use a flexible measuring tape, let it fit tightly, but not compress the body. If you want a looser fit, add a few centimeters to the parameter.

  1. Measure the chest circumference at the protruding points;
  2. Measure the waist circumference at the narrowest part of the waist;
  3. Measure the hips at the widest part;
  4. Measure length. You may need to measure from a specific point, such as the shoulder or waist, to the desired length;
  5. Write down the values obtained, remembering to include your height.

When choosing the size of outerwear on Aliexpress, it is important not only to consider the chest circumference, but also to measure the width of the shoulders. This parameter plays a crucial role in how the clothes sit on you, how comfortable they are and how they allow freedom of movement. To determine your shoulder width, measure the distance between the outer points of your shoulders.

Read reviews and see customer photos

If a thing is ordered at least a couple dozen times, then you’re sure to find at least one review in your language with photos. And many reviews on Aliexpress contain information about the size of the clothes. Often buyers specify their parameters in it, share their thoughts on fabric, color and cut. It is also important to look and photos. Because “fits well”, “short”, “long”, etc. for this person and for you may not coincide. This is especially important when buying children’s clothes.

Talk to the seller

Most stores on Aliexpress are interested in keeping you happy with your purchase. Even under the size grids you can find a comment from the seller, which advises you to write to him or send measurements.

To find a good seller on AliExpress, use the free browser extension AliHelper. It will show the seller’s objective rating in the product card according to 5 criteria, including how quickly he responds to buyers’ questions. AliHelper will also track discounts and parcels, show a price change graph and much more.

Using these simple tips, you will be able to find the right sizes of clothes on Aliexpress for yourself and your loved ones.

Maria Kolman
Digital marketer and author with 10 years of experience. A regular AliExpress shopper since 2015, I have made over 350 orders and won 23 disputes with sellers. I study the nuances of buying and selling on the Chinese marketplace, share the information and latest news I gather. I help AliExpress shoppers find great deals and win disputes. I answer questions in the comments.
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