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  • Plugin for AliExpress – which one to choose?

    Plugin for AliExpress – which one to choose?

    Browser plugin for Aliexpress is an indispensable tool for buyers. It can greatly simplify the process of finding and buying goods. And also help save money. One such plugin for AliExpress is AliHelper. It is a free extension. It is one of the most popular and convenient plugins for shopping on AliExpress. And it also provides a number of useful features to help you get the best deals on AliExpress. Search for similar products One of the key features of AliHelper is the search for similar products. If you’ve found an item on AliExpress, but the price seems too high, Alihelper will help you find a similar item at a lower price. It can save you a lot of money. Checking Sellers AliHelper offers a handy feature to check the reliability of sellers on AliExpress. Based on 5 criteria. It lets you know how well the seller’s reviews and rating are true. It also provides information about his reputation on the platform. This can help you make a more informed choice when purchasing items and avoid potential problems with your order. Changing the price of an item Another useful feature of AliHelper is keeping track of price changes on your selected items…

  • Tracking orders from Aliexpress

    Tracking orders from Aliexpress

    Tracking orders from Aliexpress is a process that allows you to get information about the location of your order in real time. It is very convenient because you will always know where your product is and when it will arrive to you. And even better is to install our free AliHelper extension for your browser! It will allow you to track all parcels in one click in one window. It will also show you your price history, seller ratings, filtered reviews, and more. How to track your order To track your order at Aliexpress you need to go to your order page and find the tracking number. Usually this number is sent to your email after the seller has shipped your item. Then you need to go to the delivery service website. And enter this number in a special field. After that you will see all the updates about the location of your item. Including the date of shipment, arrival location, and delivery date. If you have any questions or problems. You can always contact the seller or Aliexpress support service. Tracking orders from Aliexpress is not only convenient, but also safe. You can always be sure that your goods are in safe hands and will be delivered on time…

  • Price tracking Aliexpress. How not to buy into a scam while shopping on Aliexpress

    Price tracking Aliexpress. How not to buy into a scam while shopping on Aliexpress

    There’re thousands of sellers on Aliexpress. And they’re all competing for customers because they want them to buy their products. Aliexpress sellers mostly take seriously their duties, they deliver orders on time and respond to their customers when something goes wrong. But anything can happen because there’re also some scammers deceiving customers. As a result of their actions, people get neither their packages. Nor their money back. Price tracking Aliexpress is an important function. What should you pay attention to if you don’t want to meet dishonest sellers? Price changes Sometimes before reducing the price. A seller can increase it for an item on purpose. To avoid these kind of things you can use a price tracking AliExpress feature that is available in special browser extensions. For example, in the AliHelper extension. A convenient price chart will help you to find out. If it’s a real discount or if it’s just a cunning seller. Product reviews written by other customers The first thing that comes to mind while shopping online is to read product reviews. It’s not uncommon that people, who’ve been already deceived by a seller, share their stories in reviews. Because they want to caution the others. But it doesn’t always work like that…