How to track Aliexpress order?

AliExpress, controlled by the Alibaba Group, is a China-based online retailer that has been serving consumers worldwide since its establishment in 2010. This popular platform connects small businesses from various locations, such as China and Singapore, to foreign customers seeking a wide range of products. AliExpress delivers packages to a wide array of countries, making it a global shopping destination. Clients outside of China are automatically offered the English version of the service, along with other specified languages.

AliExpress is known for its expansive reach and accessibility, serving customers in numerous countries across the globe. Whether you’re in Brazil, Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, or many other nations, AliExpress can deliver packages to your location. With its extensive network and partnerships with various shipping carriers, AliExpress has become a go-to platform for online shoppers around the world.

In this article, we will guide you on the process of tracking your AliExpress orders and packages, ensuring you receive your purchases hassle-free, regardless of where you are located.

Tracking on the AliExpress website

The seller prepares your package for shipping and gives it to the postal service once you pay for the purchase on the Aliexpress selling site. The method selected before payment will determine which courier service will deliver your products. Tracking your AliExpress order is important for ensuring a smooth and easy delivery process. Customers can receive up-to-date information about their parcel through AliExpress tracking, including order status, location, and expected delivery dates. It is a crucial tool that enables users to keep track of their orders and make the required preparations for package delivery.

Courier tracking process on Aliexpress.

To track your order, AliExpress assigns you a tracking id or number. The tracking number is often used to keep track of the package’s progress throughout delivery because it is connected to it. You can monitor your orders directly on the AliExpress website or through a third-party tracking service like Alihelper. First, you have to enter the parcel tracking number of the order into the tracking tool above and select “Track Parcel”.This button will provide you with the latest information on the shipping status explanation of your parcel from Aliexpress. You must save tracking numbers and install the Parcels app on your phone or the Alihelper browser extension on your computer. This software lets you track several orders simultaneously and receive up-to-date parcel location information.

How can I track my parcel on AliExpress website?

1. Go to the website;

2. You may track your parcel in the My Orders tab and click on the “Track Order” button;

How to track an Aliexpress order on the website

3. Look for a “Click here to view more” link within the order details. Click on this option to get more information about the order’s delivery stages.

4. You will be directed to a page or section that provides detailed tracking information for your Aliexpress order. This typically includes the various stages of shipment, such as when the order was processed, shipped, and arrived at various locations during transit.

Order tracking information on the Aliexpress website

Please note that the level of tracking detail may vary depending on the shipping method and the courier or postal service used for your order. If the seller provides comprehensive tracking information, you should be able to see all the stages of your order’s delivery on the AliExpress website.

How to track an order in the Aliexpress mobile app?

To track an order in the AliExpress mobile app, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the AliExpress mobile app on your device;
  2. Tap on the “My Orders” tab;
  3. Select the Order to Track to access its details;
  4. Once you open the order, you will see various details, including the order status, shipping information, and estimated delivery date. You may also see a “Track Order” button or a tracking number, depending on the shipping method and status of your order;
  5. If a tracking number is provided, you can tap on it to track your package. This will usually open a link to the shipping carrier’s website or provide tracking information right in the app.

The AliExpress app may also send you notifications with order updates, including tracking information, so be sure to enable notifications for the app.

Tracking Aliexpress orders in AliHelper extension

AliHelper is a browser extension for Aliexpress. With it, you can monitor the shipping of all orders in one place. With this Delivery tracking app, you can be aware of where your order is; you can also make A list of track numbers for tracking; further, it provides detailed delivery information. You can see all the deliverable ways in a single window.

How to track an Aliexpress order at AliHelper extension

Why AliHelper is better?

  1. Effortless Delivery Tracking: With AliHelper, you can effortlessly track the delivery status of your orders, eliminating the need for manual tracking.
  2. Detailed Delivery Insights: AliHelper offers in-depth delivery information, ensuring you have all the details you need to know about the status and progress of your orders.
  3. Price Change Monitoring: Keep track of pricing changes with the ability to monitor and visualize price fluctuations, including the last price change.
  4. Advanced Seller View: Access detailed seller ratings and the history of price changes, empowering you to make informed decisions about your purchases.
  5. Price Change Tracking: AliHelper helps you stay on top of price changes by providing a graphical representation of these changes.
  6. Review Insights: Before making a purchase, read product reviews and even filter feedback by country for a comprehensive understanding of other buyers’ experiences.

AliHelper extension brings all these benefits to enhance your AliExpress shopping experience.

How does the Alihelper extension work?

Alihelper helps you on Aliexpress. After installation of Alihelper, go to the Aliexpress website in the lower left corner of the page. You will see the helper logo go to the page of the preferred product item. Alihelper will calculate the seller’s rating and show the number of orders, feedback, and delivery information here. You can start checking the product simply by clicking on the star. Click on Alihelper to open the extension. Here you can view the application and evaluate the seller’s detailed rating and level of confidence in it. The tabs below contain even more useful information. If the price change dynamics have decreased, is it time to buy the product? Has the price increased? Add the product to the list of tracked ones to buy it at a bargain price at the right time. Let us open the feedback section and include only the feedback from buyers from your country, having found out everything essential about the product and seller. So you can make a purchase decision, remember to track the product delivery on the tracking tab and enjoy profitable and safe shopping on Aliexpress.

Aliexpress Tracking Number

There are different formats of tracking Aliexpress delivery numbers, like 1544563952345, or they can begin with two capital letters, followed by numerals and letters, such as YT154245621544593001 or ZA1248321227HK. The packages are sent to multiple shipping providers by the sellers, which explains the diversity of tracking numbers.

How do I get a tracking number?

To get an AliExpress tracking number, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your AliExpress account;
  2. Click on “My Orders” or “View Detail” for the specific order you want to track;
  3. Look for the tracking information. If the seller has provided a tracking number, you will see it in the order details.

The shipper or online business frequently provides the tracking ID or number. The shipment tracking notification or confirmation email you receive after placing an order in an online store frequently includes the tracking number or ID.

Can I track a parcel on AliExpress without a tracking number?

No, you generally cannot track a parcel on AliExpress without a tracking number. Tracking a parcel typically requires a specific tracking number provided by the seller or courier company. Without this tracking number, it is challenging to monitor the status and location of your package.

How accurate is Aliexpress tracking?

The accuracy of AliExpress tracking varies depending on factors such as shipping method and courier service, with some methods offering more detailed and accurate tracking than others. Tracking accuracy is typically highest while the package is in transit, but delays due to customs or other factors can affect the updates. If you have concerns, consider reaching out to the seller for clarification, but be aware that some tracking may provide limited information.

Aliexpress tracking number is not updating

If your AliExpress tracking number is not updating, it can be due to several reasons, including delays in shipping, issues with the courier, or a lack of detailed tracking information. Here are some steps to consider if your tracking number is not showing updates:

Remember that tracking information is not always updated in real-time and can be delayed. If the lack of tracking updates is causing concern or if the delivery time exceeds the estimated date, it’s a good idea to communicate with the seller and, if necessary, open a dispute to protect your rights as a buyer.

AliExpress Tracking Status

AliExpress order tracking statuses can provide valuable information about the status and location of your package. While the specific wording may vary slightly, here are some common order tracking statuses and their meanings:

Order Tracking StatusDescription
Order PlacedThis status indicates that your order has been successfully submitted, and it is in the initial processing stage
ProcessingThe seller is preparing your order for shipment. This status means your payment has been verified, and they are getting the items ready for shipping
ShippedThis status means that your order has been sent out by the seller and is on its way to you. You should be provided with a tracking number at this point
In TransitYour package is on its way to the destination, and it’s currently in transit. You can usually track its progress in this status
Out for DeliveryYour package has reached the local delivery courier, and it is on the way to your address. It should be delivered to you shortly
DeliveredYour package has been successfully delivered to the specified address. You should have received it, or it might have been left in a secure location if you weren’t available at the time of delivery
ExpiredThis status indicates that the order processing time has exceeded the estimated delivery time, and you should contact the seller or AliExpress customer support for further assistance
RefundedIf there are issues with your order, or it couldn’t be delivered for some reason, you might see this status. It means you’ve been refunded the purchase price
CanceledYour order has been canceled, either by you or the seller, and it won’t be processed or shipped
Awaiting PaymentThis status indicates that there might be issues with the payment for your order, and it’s awaiting resolution
Customs ClearanceIf your package is held up in customs, you’ll see this status. It means it’s going through the necessary customs checks and processes
ExceptionIf your package is held up in customs, you’ll see this status. It means it’s going through the necessary customs checks and processes
This status typically suggests an issue or problem with the delivery. It could be related to customs, a delivery delay, or some other complication

Please note that the wording and specific statuses may vary depending on the seller, shipping carrier, and the country you’re ordering from or shipping to. Always refer to the tracking information provided by the seller or AliExpress for the most accurate and up-to-date information about your order’s status.

How to Tracking Shipments on Aliexpress?

Standard delivery from Aliexpress is an option. Package tracking is simple with Ordertracker; enter your tracking number in the upper area to track a package or visit the track the package section. Aliexpress offers the most powerful package tracking technology. It’s Ordertracker accepts any international tracking number; it is a global tracking website that provides accurate shipping information.

AliExpress Premium Shipping

AliExpress has done an excellent job of updating its services; due to its relationships with several reliable shipping firms throughout the globe, its delivery services have improved. Furthermore, the business just introduced the AliExpress Premium shipping option, which provides speedy shipment for a somewhat higher cost than you would ordinarily pay for AliExpress Standard shipping. Alibaba Group owns the logistics firm Aliexpress Standard Shipping. You will find this shipping method on AliExpress and other Alibaba Group websites while placing an order. The company’s business model prevents it from being a delivery service; even now, the corporate behemoth operates as a middleman, handling some logistical and control issues relating to the packages. Aliexpress Standard Shipping works with various postal and courier services, including Singapore Post, Posti Finland, Correos, and other foreign services.

AliExpress Standard Shipping

Most suppliers choose AliExpress Standard delivery, and some do so because of its benefits. In addition to everything else, this method is inexpensive and, in some cases, even free. Furthermore, regular delivery takes 15 to 30 days to arrive, so standard shipping is the best option if you can wait that long.


While tracking your Aliexpress order, remember that delays and limited updates can occur due to various factors, including shipping method, courier service, customs processes, and other logistics issues. Patience is often essential.

If you find your AliExpress tracking number is not updating and you have concerns about the delivery, it’s advisable to reach out to the seller through the AliExpress messaging system for clarification. They can often provide valuable insights into the status of your order.

Additionally, monitoring tracking information on the official courier or postal service’s website is a key practice to stay up to date on the progress of your shipment. Should significant delays persist or if the delivery timeline exceeds expectations, opening a dispute on AliExpress can help protect your rights as a buyer and ensure a fair resolution.

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Thanks for the detailed instructions! I was looking for how to track a shipment that I’ve already confirmed. Couldn’t find an answer anywhere, so I reached out to AliExpress support. Here’s the response I got: “Don’t worry, this won’t affect your parcel; it’s still on its way to you. However, you can only open disputes within 15 days after confirmation of receipt. If your order arrives later or doesn’t arrive at all, you won’t be able to dispute it. Next time, be more careful. Don’t confirm receipt if you haven’t actually received the parcel.” Perhaps this information will be useful to someone.

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