Professional hair dye: differences from the ordinary hair dye

Professional hair dye and the ordinary dye you can buy in the supermarket have significant differences. These differences are associated with different compositions, production technology and methods of application.

Профессиональная краска для волос


Professional hair dye is produced using high quality components. Which have an optimal combination of pigments, coloring and hair care substances. They can be more concentrated, so they can provide more persistent and saturated color. This allows professional colors to retain their original color and saturation for a longer period of time.

Professional hair color can have a more complex composition. Which requires an experienced and professional approach when using it. This is because it contains a higher concentration of chemical components that can be harmful to health if proper precautions are not used.

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Unlike professional dye, regular hair dye contains less concentrated ingredients. This makes it less long-lasting and less saturated. It often contains fewer chemical components. This makes it less hazardous to your health when applied. However, it also means that it can be less effective at coloring severely damaged or gray hair.

Also, regular hair dye does not always contain additional hair care ingredients. This can have a negative effect on the hair, making it drier and brittle. However, such dye can be more affordable and easy to use for home use.


Another difference between professional hair color and regular hair dye is that professional dye can be specifically designed for specific hair types. This includes dry, damaged or fine hair. This can help provide the best care for your hair and get optimal color results.


In addition, professional hair dye can be more resistant to external factors. Such as sunlight and water. It can retain its color and brightness for a longer period of time, even with intense exposure.

Nevertheless, professional hair color has its disadvantages. It can be more expensive than regular dye and require professional application. Which can be inconvenient for some people. It can also have a more intense smell and contain more chemical components, which can cause allergic reactions in some people.

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