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  • Sales on Aliexpress 2023

    Sales on Aliexpress 2023

    Sales on Aliexpress 2023 promise to be rich and attractive for shoppers. Electronics, fashionable clothes, accessories, home and garden products will all be available at attractive prices. Don’t forget, however, that some sellers may put up fake discounts by editing the “after” price. And put the “before” price even higher than it was before the sale. To see how an item’s price actually changed, use AliHelper. AliHelper is a free extension for your browser. It will show you the history of product price changes. You can also use it to track parcels, monitor discounts, check merchants, and more. January Winter discounts 09.01-13.01 sale ====================================== Chinese New Year 16.01-29.01 sale February Benefit Formula 13.02-17.02 sale March Hunting for trends 05.03 warm up 06.03-13.03 sale ====================================== The Great Chinese Sale 18.03-19.03 warm up 20.03-26.03 sale April Good sale 16.04 warm up 17.04-21.04 sale May Dragon Festival 9.05 warm up 10.05-14.05 sale June Red Sale 10.06-11.06 warm up 12.06-18.06 sale July July sale 09.07-11.07 warm up 12.07-15.07 sale August Getting ready for school 09.08 warm up 10.08-12.08 sale ====================================== August Sale 828 18.08-22.08 warm up 23.08-27.08 sale September Fall sale 03.09-05.09 warm up 06.09-09.09 sale ====================================== Trend Hunt 24.09-26.09 warm up 27.09-30.09 sale October Sale 10.10 09.10-10.10 warm up 11.10-13.10 sale November World Shopping Day –…

  • Sale on Aliexpress June 2023

    Sale on Aliexpress June 2023

    Sale Aliexpress June 2023 is the only one – the Red Sale. But it will run for a whole week. 10.06-11.06 warm-up 12.06-18.06 sale   Keep in mind, however, that you can run into fake discounts on sales. Sellers can write any “before” price they want, hence the 70%, 80% and even 90% discounts. And in reality, you may even overpay for the product. Unscrupulous store owners on Aliexpress sometimes raise prices during sales, taking advantage of the buying frenzy. In order not to get caught up in counterfeit discounts, use a browser extension that will show you a graph of the change in prices of items. For example, the free AliHelper. It can also help you track packages, show unbiased detailed ratings for any merchant by 5 criteria, etc. What you can buy June is the perfect time to update your closet. Imagine being able to put together stylish summer looks with a variety of clothing patterns. Dresses, T-shirts, skirts, shorts and accessories with fresh designs and attractive prices. Regardless of your style and preferences, you’ll find something special for yourself. Don’t forget to check out the electronics section. There you’ll find incredible discounts on smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices…