Sales on Aliexpress May 2024

In anticipation of warmer days, it’s worth replenishing your summer closet, updating your gardening tools, shopping for beach accessories, etc. Sales Aliexpress May 2024:

But you should keep in mind that on sales, some stores provide fake discounts. Because of them, you may overpay for the product without realizing it yourself. The function of the free browser extension AliHelper – price monitoring on Aliexpress – will help you to see them.

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Coupons for May

In addition to sales, there’s another way to save on your May purchases. We offer unique active AliExpress promo codes May 2024. In the section you will find filters by category, purchase amount and discount, as well as search for a specific seller. Be sure to take advantage of the offer!

What you can buy on Aliexpress in May

Clothing and accessories for the spring and summer season

Since May is the start of the warm season in many regions, it’s a great time to update your closet with light and colorful clothes. In addition, you should take care of buying swimsuits and swimming accessories for yourself. And loved ones in advance.

Gardening equipment and plants

With the onset of warmth, many people begin to take care of their garden. On AliExpress you can order seeds, seedlings, tools for planting and caring for plants, as well as various decorative elements for the garden.

Goods for outdoor activities and sports

Bicycles, roller skates, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks and other goods for tourism and outdoor recreation are becoming in demand.

Electronics and accessories

Portable speakers, smart watches, fitness bracelets. Which can be useful in hiking or just in everyday outdoor life.

Home goods and jewelry

Transform your interior with new decor elements, textiles or seasonal accessories. Such as light curtains, pillows with bright prints and lamps for cozy evenings.

Kitchen gadgets and accessories

Update your kitchen equipment before picnic and barbecue season by purchasing new baking molds, grilling accessories or stylish serving sets.

Shopping in May on AliExpress can be profitable thanks to the various promotions and discounts that are usually offered during this period. This is a great way to save money while purchasing everything you need for summer. Now you know all about sales Aliexpress May 2024.

Maria Kolman
Digital marketer and author with 10 years of experience. A regular AliExpress shopper since 2015, I have made over 350 orders and won 23 disputes with sellers. I study the nuances of buying and selling on the Chinese marketplace, share the information and latest news I gather. I help AliExpress shoppers find great deals and win disputes. I answer questions in the comments.
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