Sales on Aliexpress 2024

Sales on Aliexpress 2024 promise to be rich and attractive for shoppers. Electronics, fashionable clothes, accessories, home and garden products will all be available at attractive prices. Check out this article for a full schedule of upcoming events.

Don’t forget, however, that some sellers may put up fake discounts by editing the “after” price. And put the “before” price even higher than it was before the sale. To see how an item’s price actually changed, use AliHelper. AliHelper is a free extension for your browser. It will show you the history of product price changes on AliExpress. You can also use it to track parcels, monitor discounts, check merchants, and more.

Распродажи на Алиэкспресс 2023

Aliexpress Sale Calendar 2024


This month statistically discounts are higher than at the end of the year. Sellers realize they need to stimulate buyer interest, so they don’t manipulate them.

January discounts


Every year the marketplace organizes a sale timed to coincide with the celebration of the local New Year. Since it is celebrated on different dates, such sales take place in February and January.

Chinese New Year


Great Chinese Sale




It’s time to shop for new clothes and sports accessories for the warmer months.

Oh, May!








It’s not every year that Aliexpress has a sale in this month. Although, with some sellers raising prices for 11.11 and Black Friday, it can be a good time to buy in December. Especially gifts for New Year’s and Christmas, which will need to be on time.


To stay up to date with all the sales, subscribe to the AliExpress newsletter and follow the platform’s official social media pages. This way you will be aware of all current events and offers.

However, in addition to sales on certain dates, you can always find items at bargain prices on AliExpress, thanks to a system of constant discounts and promotions from various sellers. Pay attention to the discount icon on the product page. To see available discounts and special offers.

It’s important to remember that sales on AliExpress are very popular, so some items may sell out very quickly. To be able to buy the product you want at a bargain price, it is recommended to be prepared for the sale in advance. Add items to your cart and monitor their availability.

So, expect numerous sales on Aliexpress 2024, prepare for them in advance. Make a list of items you want and enjoy shopping for bargain prices. It’s a great way to save money and buy quality products.

Maria Kolman
Digital marketer and author with 10 years of experience. A regular AliExpress shopper since 2015, I have made over 350 orders and won 23 disputes with sellers. I study the nuances of buying and selling on the Chinese marketplace, share the information and latest news I gather. I help AliExpress shoppers find great deals and win disputes. I answer questions in the comments.
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