Epoxy Dyes – Buying Guide

Epoxy resin is one of the most popular materials for creating various products and decorations. To give your products a bright and rich color, you need to use epoxy dyes. In this text, we will tell you what dyes there are and how to choose the right one.

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What are epoxy dyes?

Pigmented dyes

The most common type of dyes for epoxy resin. They contain dye particles that sink into the resin and give it the desired color. Pigmented dyes come in monochrome and multicolor. They can be mixed together to produce new shades.

Liquid dyes

They can be synthetic or organic. They are perfectly soluble in epoxy and leave no residue or stain.

Metallic pigment dyes

These have a brilliant effect and lend a metallic hue to products. They can be used for the creation of jewelry and decorative elements.

How do I choose the right colorant for my epoxy resin?

Determine the color you need

Before you choose a dye, determine the color you want.

Consider the type of epoxy resin

Some dyes may not be compatible with certain types of resin. Check with the resin manufacturer for recommendations on how to choose a dye.

Check the quality of the dye

Choose a dye from a reliable manufacturer. And pay attention to the date of manufacture. Older dyes can lose their quality characteristic. And won’t give the desired result.

Check the instructions for use

Make sure you mix the dye with the epoxy correctly as recommended.

Use small portions

When using epoxy dyes, it is recommended that you start with small portions. To make sure the color meets your expectations. If you want a richer color, add the dye gradually.

Don’t forget about mixing

Mixing epoxy dyes is an important process that must be done carefully and evenly. Use special tools. Such as a mixer or mixing stick to get an even distribution of the dye in the resin.

Use Protective Equipment

When working with epoxy dyes, be sure to use protective equipment. Such as gloves and a mask. Some dyes can cause allergic reactions or skin irritation.

In conclusion, choosing a dye for epoxy may seem like a daunting task. But if you consider all of the above recommendations, you’ll have no problem choosing the right dye for your project. Remember, choosing the right dye will help give your products a unique and vibrant look.

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