Sales on Aliexpress January 2024

January usually marks a slump in shopping activity. First of all, there are big sales in November. And in December, people spend a lot of money on gifts for themselves and loved ones. Aliexpress is not in a hurry to stimulate consumers, while more or less global event in the calendar is presented only one. Here are the data of the sale on Aliexpress January 2024:

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What you can buy on Aliexpress in January

Goods for New Year’s holidays and Christmas

Although orders will no longer arrive in time for the 2024 celebration, many items for New Year’s decor and gifts are often on sale with significant discounts. This is a great opportunity to stock up on ornaments. Lights garlands and gift wrap for next year.

Winter clothing and accessories

In January, you can find good discounts on winter items. Such as warm clothing, hats, gloves and thermal underwear. This is a good time to buy quality winter clothing at discounted prices.

Fitness accessories and health products

With the start of a new year, many people set goals to improve their health and fitness. Goods such as fitness bracelets, home fitness equipment, yoga mats and sportswear can be particularly in demand during this period.

Gadgets and electronics

The beginning of the year is often accompanied by an updated range of appliances. Therefore, you can find interesting deals on electronic gadgets on Aliexpress. Such as smartphones, tablets, headphones and accessories for them.

Toys and goods for children

After the New Year holidays, you can find good discounts on children’s toys, educational kits and clothes for kids.

Now you know everything you need to know about sales on Aliexpress January 2024. We wish you a pleasant and profitable shopping!

Maria Kolman
Shopping expert

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