How to cancel order on Aliexpress

When you place an order and pay for it, but then decide within a few minutes to cancel it. What can you do in that circumstance to cancel order on AliExpress and prevent your supplier from delivering it? If the seller has already dispatched your item, you should not cancel your AliExpress order. Instead, you should dispute the charge or request a refund. The good news is that AliExpress gives sellers seven business days to send the package to their clients. You may still cancel the order and receive your money back during this period without encountering many obstacles. Occasionally, after purchasing, you second-guess our choices and opt to back out of the deal. The seller only immediately sends the package when an order is placed.

In this guide, we will take a detailed look at how to cancel an order on Aliexpress before and after payment, before or after shipment, and how to get a refund for a canceled order.

AliExpress order cancellation policy

AliExpress is a significant player in B2C eCommerce in China and around the world with functions like Amazon or its parent company, Alibaba. Order cancellation is an option for AliExpress customers before payment or when their packages are in the “Awaiting Shipment” condition. According to AliExpress rules, order cancellation is allowed only if the buyer and seller agree and the order status is “Awaiting Shipment”. If the seller has already shipped the order, you can either deny delivery of the products or wait until it is delivered before making a return request. A refund will be started using your original payment method after your order has been canceled or returned. Except for cash payments, Western Union, and bank transfers, which will be paid to your AliPay account. Charges paid for using cash on delivery will also receive a voucher for a refund.

Common reasons for returns

1. The thing is no longer needed.

2. The customer has discovered a more attractive offer.

3. Due to a system issue, orders were generated. Even though two product results were supposed to be sent out simultaneously.

4. The seller delays delivery.

5. Incorrectly typed the city or name while entering the delivery information; unintentionally paid for the incorrect order.

6. It’s a beautiful thing that Aliexpress gives you the choice to cancel the order on your own through your account.

It would help if you had time to choose the product before the seller ships it unless it is in outstanding condition. Please be sure you’re rational and clear about why you want to cancel the order before moving on to the next step. It frequently happens that Aliexpress sellers must provide refunds to customers dissatisfied with the products they receive. The seller must then agree to a partial refund to appease the customer and keep them from publishing a negative review. So, consider order cancellation.

How do I cancel an order on AliExpress?

If you have already paid for the order on AliExpress, your supplier must first authorize the cancellation request before it can be made. If a deal is reached, the supplier won’t fulfill the order, and you will receive your money back.

You have to go through these steps.

  1. First, access the My Orders tab on Locate the order you wish to cancel and click on “View Detail”.
View details the Aliexpress order to cancel
  1. Click the Cancel Order button.
Canceling Aliexpress order by click the cancel order button
  1. Cancel a supplier order on AliExpress.
  2. A brief pop-up window will open. Please confirm the cancellation request in the pop-up dialogue.
Request Aliexpress order cancellation

And confirm the cancellation request in the pop-up dialogue.

Confirmation the cancellation Aliexpress order request
  1. If your supplier agrees, the transaction will be immediately terminated, and the order won’t be sent. After the seller approves your order cancellation request, you’ll receive the refund in 3 to 20 business days.
  2. You will receive an email stating your order has been canceled.
  3. If the provider doesn’t respond to your request, you should contact them immediately and let them know the transaction is being canceled.

Unpaid order

If you want to cancel your AliExpress purchase before payment confirmation, comply with the below steps.

Step 1. Open the official AliExpress website.

Step 2. Access the AliExpress account you used to make a previous purchase.

Step 3. Find the order you wish to cancel in your Orders section. After you pay for your goods, payment verification is often completed quickly.

Step 4. If you choose the Cancel Order option for the related order, your purchase will be canceled.

Step 5. AliExpress will wait for the purchase payment verification before starting the refund procedure. You will receive further cancellation confirmation emails at the registered email address.

Until you pay for the order, the seller will undoubtedly send you messages asking why you didn’t pay or if they can help you. Suppliers can occasionally offer you a discount. In this case, the merchant and you won’t be penalized for an unpaid order.

Paid order

  1. Visit the My Orders area of your own AliExpress account to cancel the order.
  2. Click the “Cancel Order” option next to the required order. You must click the Request Order Cancellation option once you reach the order page.
  3. After that, decide on the cancellation’s reason. If you unintentionally place an order, select the appropriate choice from the drop-down menu. You can lodge a dispute if you cancel the order due to the seller’s error.
  4. After submitting the cancellation request, you must wait for the seller to respond.
  5. If the seller can confirm your request, you will get a refund.

Waiting for shipment

If you want to know how to cancel an AliExpress order, especially if the status is “awaiting shipment,” refer to the steps below.

Step 1. Go to the main AliExpress website. Log in to the account you used to place the order and keep doing so.

Step 2. If your order is indicated as “awaiting shipment,” you must first contact the seller of the product. Be sure to tell the seller and obtain their consent if you wish to cancel a purchase; otherwise, your order won’t be compensated.

Step 3. If the seller agrees to cancel, go to your purchases page and look for the order you need to cancel.

Step 4. After selecting the Cancel Order option, you must choose a cancellation reason. Send the request in when you’re done.

Step 5. Following the cancellation of your transaction, you will get a confirmation email at the address you have on file, and the funds will be refunded using the original payment method.

If you cancel your order freely and do not ask for a refund. Buyer advises using “I ordered the wrong item” as the reason. AliExpress imposes no punishment or penalty in this circumstance; the seller will cancel the purchase instead since the seller receives the cancellation request and decides whether to confirm it. After securing the cancellation, you have two weeks to affirm his agreement to end the transaction.

After shipment

You cannot cancel a purchase if the status reads, “The seller has delivered your order.” However, you can refuse or return the things once they have been delivered.

1. Expect the shipped order to arrive at your address first.

2. Visit after your order has been delivered and log into your account there.

3. Choose the order you want to return from the Purchases tab and follow the on-screen instructions.

4. A refund will be given to the original payment method. After your returned items are received at the vendor’s warehouse.

Money back on Aliexpress after canceling an order

AliExpress is widely known for its competitive pricing and wide range of products. Which range from hot sellers to unexpectedly helpful home accessories. On certain occasions, though, we have to “put back” items from our shopping list. What happens if you cancel your online order? After you cancel your order, the seller has 72 hours to reply to your cancellation request. AliExpress will cancel the order and return your money.

According to statistics, 80% of AliExpress customers who canceled their orders got their money back. When the seller opted to do so. Depending on the return policy, the refund period for an AliExpress return typically lasts 3 to 20 business days.

What to do if an order cannot be canceled

The only option left for a buyer is to bargain with the seller. If you encounter any difficulties, you are strongly advised to contact them immediately. Tell the seller why not to send it. However, starting a dispute is the only appropriate action if the product has already been dispatched. AliExpress businesses work to ship orders more rapidly than usual to get your items to you as quickly as possible. So, use caution when making purchases. How to cancel an AliExpress order after delivery becomes essential. When your goods have already been dispatched. And you realize that you no longer need them. Though the query is slightly different. The solution is the same as contacting the seller.

General tips for canceling an order

If for some reason you want to cancel order on Aliexpress. You can do so by following a few simple steps.

Step 1. Check the status of your order

The first step to take is to check the status of your order on AliExpress. If your order has not yet gone through processing, you can cancel it without any problem. But if it has already changed to “Pending Shipping”, “Sent”, “In Transit”, “In Ship” or “Delivered”, it will not be so easy to cancel your order.

Step 2. Contact the seller

If your order has already shipped, you need to contact the seller. And let him know that you want to cancel your order. To do this, go to your order page, click on the “Contact Seller” button. And send a message saying that you want to cancel the order. Usually the seller will respond within 24-48 hours.

Of course, it will be easier to get a cancellation if you buy from adequate sellers. AliHlelper will help you find them, thanks to its “Seller Rating” feature. This is a free extension for your browser.

Step 3. Wait for the seller to confirm

Once the seller receives your message that you want to cancel the order. They can offer you several options: cancel the order and get a full refund. Cancel the order and get a partial refund. Or continue with your order. If the seller agrees to cancel the order and get your money back. He must send a cancellation request. In this case you will receive notification by email. That the order has been successfully cancelled. And a refund to your credit card or other payment method you used when you purchased.

Step 4. Follow the refund process

If you receive notification that the order has been cancelled. And the money refunded to your credit card, follow the refund process. Usually the process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Depending on your bank and payment method.

Step 5. Contact AliExpress Support

If the seller doesn’t respond to your messages or refuses to cancel your order. You can contact the AliExpress support team. To do this, go to your order page, click on “Open Dispute” and follow the instructions. In this case, you may need to provide evidence that the seller is not fulfilling his obligations.


It is important to remember that cancel order on AliExpress may result in penalties from AliExpress. Therefore, be sure to read the terms and conditions of your AliExpress purchase. Before you cancel your order.

As you can see from the steps above, cancelling an order on AliExpress is not a complicated procedure. If you act quickly and correctly. It is important to monitor the status of the order. And contact the seller in a timely manner to avoid misunderstandings. And make sure that you get your money back. Now you’ve know how to cancel an order on Aliexpress.

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